High Quality Investment Castings

Founded 2015


We Have a Foundry!


It's All About Control

Whether you’re controlling your turbo with one of our aftermarket premium control products or we are controlling the extensive parameters to generate a quality casting, we understand what control means to be successful. We provide that same control over the quality of your products as if they were our own.

U.S. Designed and Manufactured

TiAL Cast is proud to develop and manufacture all of our products in the U.S.

Premium Features Are Our Standard

Short Run & Medium Run Capabilities

Need a small batch of prototype parts investment cast? Have a production run casting you would like us to take a gander at to see if we can assist you?  Let us take a look.

We have the capability to produce short prototype run castings as well as medium volume runs utilizing investment casting tooling.

Simulation Capabilities

Designed, engineered, tooled, machined and investment-cast all under one roof at our facility here in Michigan.

We have the capability to simulate your part through our pouring process before we ever cast the first piece.  We do this to verify the most optimal casting process possible so that we do not waste time and resources.

Superior Quality

TiAL Cast generates superior quality castings.  Our products are displayed on show cars, trucks, boats, side by sides, and whatever else you can put a turbo on around the world.  That is why they need to be looking their best.  We want to offer that same opportunity to others out there looking to have investment castings produced.

Corrosion Resistant Materials

We specialize in corrosion resistant stainless steel investment casting alloys.  We are fastidious about the chemistry, appearance, and accuracy of our castings.  We strive to create the best stainless steel castings around.

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